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Apart from selling quality electronic weighing scales, we too provide weighing scales repair and weighing scales calibration services. These services are handled by professionally trained and experienced tecnicians and
requests are always attended to at the shortest possible time.

Weighing Scales Repair
Weighing Scales repairs are always attemped onsite within the shortest possible time and to our best ability. However, if quotations are required, repair service will only be carried out upon customers approval. Onsite evaluation and send in evaluation (for less than 300kg capacity) are free. However, we do charge a minimal amount for inhouse evaluation.

Weighing Scales calibration
Weighing scales calibration are carried out with standard test weights certified to national standards by SPRING, Singapore. Calibration method is in accordance to OIML Recommendation 76-1. To help us focus better in our field and serve our customers, we services only from division of 0.1mg at maximum capacity 300gm(300gm x 0.1mg) upto division of 1kg at a maximum capacity of 5000kg (5000kg x 1kg).

Maintenance Contract
Maintenance contracts are offered to customers for their ease of monitoring their calibration and maintenance schedule. Maintenance contracts are normally offered on an annual term or 2years term. Within the contract period, our service team will monitor the date for regular maintenance and calibration for our customers. Regular maintenance and calibrations are usaully carried out every six month unless customers require quarterly, four-monthly or annually maintenance and calibration.

Weighing Scales Parts
To minimize the downtime for faulty weighing scales, we keep a wide range of parts for many different model. However, some parts might need to be indented as they are less likely to breakdown.

Weighing Consultation
Weighing consulation is required when customers cannot decide what type of weighing scales they need. In some cases, customers might need some customization for weighing equipment to fit into their trade. It is our job to offer our recommendations base on the information customers provide.

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